Cannibal Corpse came into being in Buffalo ( NY) in 1989 from debris of two teams: Tirant Sin and Beyond Death. First composition of Cannibal Corpse was following: Chris Barnes vocal, Bob Rusay guitar, Jack Owen guitar, Alex Webster bass and Paul Mazurkiewicz drums. Band recorded demo titled " Cannibal Corpse" in Niagara Falls ( NY). Demo permited them to sign contract with Metal Blade, where in 1990 recorded one's own first album" Eaten Back To Life". In 1991 they recorded " Butchered at Birth", and in 1992 " Tomb of the Mutilated". Bob Rusay leaved band in 1993. On his place entered Rob Barrett past member of Malevolent Creation. Then the band made ones debut in film entitled." Ace Ventura: Pet Detective", where played composition entitled." Hammer Smashed Face". Rob Rusay recorded with Cannibal Corpse album " The Bleeding" and " Vile" in 1996 year, and leaved band in 1997. Year 1996 and album" The Bleeding" was farewell Chris Barnes with band, which at present is vocalist in Six Feet Under. On his place became vocalist of Monstrosity George" Corpsegrinder" Fisher, which had time already to give of one's own voice on" Vile". Latest member Cannibal Corpse is guitarist Pat O`Brien from Nevermore.